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Our puppies grow up in home environment together with several dogs and humans. To socialize them is very important for us and we often have visitors here. We also go for car rides, train them to walk in a leash (if the weather allows that) and making them comfortable with being handled by people. We also have a big garden where they can play with eachother and our adult dogs. They are ready to move to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old and will get some things with them when they move; a blanket, some toys, a collar, etc. They will off course be chipmarked, vaccinated, health examined by a vetrenarian and registrered in the Swedish kennel club before they move. We sell our puppies according to the rules of the Swedish Kennel Club.

The most important thing for us is that the puppy gets a good forever home. We are very picky with where we send our puppies and will not send them to anyone who will not let them be beloved family members, so NO places where they would live in a kennel or a crate. Our puppies are sold first and foremost as familymembers, not show- or breeding dogs (as you can never say that a small puppy will be good at either of these things). We do not sell puppies to people with allergies towards animals (Basenjis are NOT hypoallergenic!). Our goal is to breed basenjis with nice conformation, good health and good temperament. The temperament is very important to us and something we will never see past. Our dogs are health tested before breeding. As our puppy buyer we want to have contact with you to be able to follow the puppy's life. You can always contact us with questions any time of the day. Sometimes we have puppy gatherings and we always have a good time. :) If you are interested in a puppy, don't hesitate to contact us. The prize for a basenji puppy is 15 000 SEK, that is the prize recommended by the Swedish Basenji Club.



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Vi förutsätter att alla som planerar att skaffa en basenji har läst på ordentligt om rasen, verkligen har den tid som krävs att ta sig an en hund, har funderat över sin jobb- och familjesituation och hur det kommer påverka hunden ifall den ändras inom de närmsta 15 åren samt diskuterat med övriga i familjen innan ni kontaktar oss.

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